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Kennel Staff

Tonya Crowe

Kennel Manager

As kennel manager of Acworth Animal Hospital, Tonya makes sure your pet is comfortable, well fed and watered and gets plenty of exercise. She does this with the help of her staff of 10 kennel technicians. She has one grown son and has been momma to a large group of animals including dogs, cats, rabbis, cockatiels and even a rooster.

Madelyn Dennard

Madelyn works as a kennel assistant and she loves it!! At home she has a cat named Honey. Madelyn will be graduating in 2017 from North Cobb Christian. Madelyn loves animals and is excited to be able to work with them everyday.

Katlynn Loner

Katlynn has just graduated from High school and is planning to go to school in the fall to become a Veterinary Technician. She loves animals. She has 5 dogs at home and a horse that she is training herself.

Jasmine Samuel

Jasmine has been working at Acworth Animal Hospital since August 2016 as a kennel assistant. She drives all the way from Decator to Acworth on a daily basis just to experience this great opportunity. Jasmine is currently in college to become a veterinary assistant, but she is currently working on my externship to receive my diploma to become certified. In the future, Jasmine is planning on going for her Bachelor’s degree then transferring to VGA to become a veterinarian. She is very grateful to have gotten the chance to become a part of this awesome company. Jasmine looks forward to being a part of Acworth Animal Hospital for a very long time.

Sarah Edwards

Sarah is planning on becoming a veterinary technician, but her goal is to become a veterinarian in the future. She has a dog named Molly, who was a rescue. Molly previously had heart-worms, but just finished her last heart-worm treatment.