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Digital Radiography

One of the most useful tools a veterinarian will use in their practice is Radiography. Radiography is most commonly known as x-ray. Animals are unable to tell us where they hurt and how badly they hurt. X-ray helps our veterinarians identify broken bones, tumor growths, heart size, and presence of pneumonia, internal bleeding and even foreign objects that have been swallowed.

When your pet needs an x-ray, our staff will help keep your pet still, which may require some mild sedative medications, however all treatment given is considered necessary and safe. Once the x-ray is taken, the image is almost immediate for our doctors to view. This is because Acworth Animal Hospital uses digital x-ray technology. Unlike standard radiography, x-rays are not on large films that require view boxes on the wall to see, these are on the computer and can be enhanced and zoomed in to find even the smallest of fractures. The technology is very “green” reducing the amount of materials needed for the diagnostic process.

Another great use for digital radiography is that if our veterinarians feel a specialist needs to be consulted, the x-ray images can easily be sent by email for evaluation, which means you are saving time and money!