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Animals, especially cats and dogs, are known for their grooming habits. It becomes a concern to owners and veterinarians when these animals are constantly scratching, biting and licking their fur and skin. This is not considered normal and may actually be a sign of a skin allergy or infection.

The veterinarians at Acworth Animal Hospital are experienced in all aspects of animal dermatology, from identification, to treatment and therapy. If you happen to notice the excessive behaviors noted above and are concerned, please have your pet examined by one of our veterinarians. Once here, your pet may have a skin scraping which is then examined under a microscope. From this point we can tell if your animal companion may be suffering from an allergy or infection. If infection is present, your pet may be put on antibiotics and monitored closely for several weeks to determine if more treatment is needed. If your pet’s condition is determined to be an allergic reaction there are several ways to treat this issue. An oral medication may be prescribed by one of our doctors if necessary. Steroids and antihistamines may be necessary in some cases. Other allergy treatment may include hypoallergenic foods and treats. Acworth Animal Hospital is a supplier of the specialized foods and medicines needed to treat the different type of skin issues that may affect your pet. Please schedule an our staff if you suspect that your pet is suffering from an infection or skin allergy.